Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am happy to report that the meeting that was scheduled with the chair of the Education Department produced some good results for us as students!

25 Students attended the meeting, and there were 10 emails sent by those that couldn't attend so it was a pretty good turn out in my opinion because that is more than half the students in both sections.

The chair of the department gave us the floor for over an hour. He was very patient and let us all say our peace. Within two and a half hours of the meeting things were changed! I couldn;t believe it.

I am more shocked at the fact that by taking a stand something ACTUALLY changed. I am a VERY pessimistic person, and I still had my doubts leaving the meeting, that our concerns would be sort of swept under the rug, so I am more in a sort of awe at the way things work. I mean I guess it's true- if you really believe in something and you go about voicing your concerns in a clear and rational manner, things can be changed.
I think this is something that we forget in our society. We CAN change things! (Forgive me, I'm on an opportunistic high right now!) I'm going to change the world, LOL. Truthfully, I am just happy.

Yesterday I was so stressed out I ended up talking my hubby into ordering pizza, and I ate 4 slices!!! Then, I had icecream and pretzels. Bad move, but it's done, I'm over it, and I moved on. I went to the gym this morning, and I feel better already.
Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to lose the weight as fast as I can, like once it's lost I'll be a finished product, but when I sit back and think about it; I'll NEVER be a finished product, so why am I in such a rush all the time? I'm not letting myself enjoy the journey, and figure out new things.
I need to stop and smeel the roses sometimes, and believe it or not there are roses on this journey too, you just have to know where to look. For instance, pushing yourself that extra mile, or 10 minutes, that's a AH HA moment! As I think Oprah would say, or at least I consider it my AH HA moment.
JUst get out there and do something you didn't plan on doing today, no matter what it is, do it for you, and let the good feelings soak in.

I'm a little mushy today huh?


Jeanne said...

I had to do some catching up here because I am so not used to this whole Blogger thing...and I REALLY liked getting the alert emailse whenever someone posted! But I am trying to get the hang of it.

CONGRATUALTIONS for getting that meeting together and for defending your position and initiating CHANGE!!!! Sounds like YOU could run for President@!!!!!

EVA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MizMags said...

I like "the mush" becomes you! :)
love yourself even more!
love and hugs,

ps. oh yeah and congratulations on your victory! ;)