Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Home...

Okay so it took my a while to figure out how to use AOL Journals, and now I've got to get used to it over here. I will but it might take me a while.

Things have been hectic, school is really tough this semester and I am trying very hard to stay afloat, as are many of us I guess.

My routine has been consisting of me getting up early every moring and walking about a mile to the gym, working out for an hour to an hour and a half, then walking home, taking a shower and being glued to the computer for the rest of the day and most of the night doing assignments.

Yesterday alone I spent a little over 10 hours trying to write lesson plans and finish "reflections", I "reflect so much it's just not even funny.

I started working out the same day school started, so that was August 28th, I don't know how much I weighed then, or even how much I've lost, but I know I'm getting somewhere because, I am actually starting to see definition.
I also started lifting weights, and I really love it. I needed it too, I mean I am WEAK! I guess I must have lost a lot of muscle when I lost weight.

I'm really enjoying my time at the gym and have met a lot of nice ladies that push me when I just don't want to do it. That really keeps me motivated.

Well I hope I don't miss anyone, I'm trying to locate all my J-land buddies but it's tough to keep up, so if I haven't gotten to you yet, please make yourself heard and I'll be swinging by as soon as possible.


Janis said...

I'm here at your new home! :)

It will take us all a while but we will get here!


Jeanne said...

I found my way here!

Sounds like you are doing an AWESOME job at the gym!!! Keep up the great work!!!!


Jen said...

Followed you too. :)

Ditto on the gym work. So glad you found some local ladies to help encourage you to get moving and keep moving.


Linda said...

I found you....yeah!!! I'm out the door to go view our clothes, but I'll catch up with your journal & you tonight.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Linda said...

You are kicking butt at the gym Eva! With all you have to do at school, it takes dedication to make time for that, I'm so proud of you. I'm so happy that you have met some friends there, it makes it seem much less like work when you have someone to share the pain with!! LOL!

Love you friend!

Pooh Hugs,